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On the home front:

I’m planning on trying some triathlon events, although I really would prefer to try some adventure racing instead.  First I’m going to start with a tiny little super sprint triathlon, where the distances are very short.  First I have to wait for my ankle to get healed though, but the swimming part will be the only tough leg for me so I can train for that even with the injury (for those who don’t know, I took a bad sprain playing volleyball about 5 weeks ago).  I’m also planning on my first half marathon in November.  I need to get to work training for this one ASAP if I am going to make it.  I’m sure that I’m out of shape since I haven’t done any running in the last 5 weeks.  For now swimming and mountain biking will be the bulk of my exercise.  Got any good advice for me?

I have recently enjoyed live performances of Iris Dement, The Bowerbirds, and Tom Petty.  I love live music!  We also went to see Dave Attell, who was absolutely freakin’ hilarious!  I went to all of these with someone I met recently, and I’m having a blast spending time with her.  Her music taste is much like mine (which is not exactly common), and we get along great.

prius My friends keep making fun of me because I have it in my head that I want to buy a 2009 Toyota Prius.  I don’t think the Prius body style is as lame as they say, but for all that mpg I don’t really care either.  Right now I drive a 2002 F-150 gas guzzler, which has its uses of course…but also has its hefty gas price tag.  Maybe I’ll keep it too and just park it most of the time.  Maybe whatever gas money I save on a new hybrid I can throw into buying a boat!  Thats not exactly a step in the carbon-neutral direction, huh?  Everytime I drive over the lakes around the area I am so completely jealous of those people I see riding their waverunners, skiing, wakeboarding, etc.  I want to get out there, but a ski boat is a big chunk of money to drop.  Is it worth it?

Its almost time to go white water rafting!  Can't wait for that!  :P  Then I want to learn how to do some river kayaking.

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