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Dave Winer echoes my complaint about Yahoo Pipes:

in Pipes, there's no way to tell if items in two feeds are talking about the same thing. The best you can hope for is keyword serendipity, which all the demos so far do, and those make for unsatisfying demos, because you know you couldn't deploy a useful app out of the concepts they illustrate.

Then he goes on to unknowingly describe RSSBus:

Now it's possible that a company like Yahoo, with its diverse flows of information, and nearly universal support of RSS, could add enough metadata to their feeds to be sure two items in different feeds were talking about the same thing, and then we'd be somewhere interesting.

In the Read/WriteWeb post that Dave points to, Richard McManus points out:

For example, one can build a pipe that extracts the listings of all French restaurants in Chicago, along with their Flickr photos. 

... unlike in Relational Databases, the data is neither structured nor clean. For example, how can we ensure that Flickr pictures of restaurants in Chicago will be the right ones? We really cannot.

Well, we could at least be sure that those restaurants are in Chicago - Flickr feeds support geo location data in their feeds, its only Yahoo that is ripping that data out.

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