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My birthday is this weekend, and a friend of mine has a birthday tomorrow, and another friend has a birthday the day after that. One of them recently said this (and everyone who knows him doesn't need me to say his name - you just know that he is the only one would could say this):

I plan to make sure everybody knows that I'm king for the day. Of all of the holidays, I like birthdays the best, because they're a time for celebration and presents, but really nobody else gets to share in the glory. Everyone else is insignificant and their opinions don't count. This is true on every day, but on my birthday, people have to face facts.

This really made me laugh. Personally, I just hope I can get through the day without feeling old, especially since this one is my 30th! Ouch! Not that long ago 30 seemed so old...I remember when Andi was 30! Sheesh! Of course, now I know that 30 is very young, and it only sounds bad.

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Happy birthday old man! Enjoy yourself this weekend! Celebrate this one well... the next one with a 0 in it is 40... and you know what that means ;)

ps. it's my 1/4 century coming up in a month or so. ;) (You can get your own back then!)
Left by Sarah on Sep 22, 2006 9:49 AM

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