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Another example of creating a mashup with RSSBus with just a little bit of code: FeedMapper.

Lots of services let you plot individual items on maps. Some even let you plot multiple items on maps. But I don't know of any that let you plot any feed (with georss data, that is) on a map. Taking advantage of feeds with georss data in them, FeedMapper will plot events contained within the feed on a Virtual Earth, Google Earth, or Yahoo map (Yahoo mapping only works in Firefox).

Update: Where's Tim lets you map feeds.  Here's a Yahoo map where a feed of text messages sent to Tim  is mappedHere's the same map, where my Upcoming events dynamic feed is mapped (I set the location querystring to “Lawrence, KS“).  Thanks Tim!

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Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 9:47 AM Programming , Software | Back to top

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