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In my experiences with AD, SunOne (iPlanet), Siemens, and Novell directory servers, root DSE searches turn up a full set of results. This search request is sent like so:

Dim ldap as new nsoftware.IPWorks.Ldap()
ldap.ServerName = SERVERNAME
ldap.DN = ""
ldap.SearchScope = ssBaseObject
ldap.Search "objectClass=*"

By default, when no attributes are provided in the search request itself, these directory servers will return all the attributes.

Today, someone pointed out to me that the OpenLDAP server behaves differently, and in fact strictly follows the LDAPv3 RFC, which states in section 4.5.1:

"...servers will not return operational attributes, such as objectClasses or attributeTypes, unless they are listed by name..."

Testing the above code with the server at produces only two attributes. Instead, one must specifically ask for each attribute by name as described in the RFC. A full list of operational attribute types can be found in RFC 2252. Posted on Monday, June 20, 2005 3:17 PM Programming | Back to top

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