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A couple of people have asked to see the blogging client that I put together the other day. Thats fine, just keep in mind that it is exactly how I described it then - quick and dirty! It is a vb6 app with hard-coded blog accounts in the form_load event. It has basically no error handling. It has no fancy designer, just a textbox where I enter raw HTML. I'll use this for a while, and maybe eventually I'll make it into a "real" app with runtime configurable account profiles and such. I did go ahead and add enclosure support to it. For now, you can download what I am using here. The project uses components from both IP*Works! ActiveX Edition and IP*Works! SSL ActiveX Edition (so that I can support secure posts).

Update: I took this down.  Right now I'm using Zoundry

Posted on Friday, June 10, 2005 11:11 AM Programming | Back to top

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