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As readers of this newsletter know, I've been referring to Office 14 as Office 2010 just as a "wild guess," but it appears that the name might stick. Last week, during his annual “Strategic Update” briefing with Wall Street analysts, Steve Ballmer disclosed that Office 14 won’t be shipping in 2009. "The next big innovation milestone is Office 14, our next Office release," Ballmer said, "Which will not be this year." His announcement appeared to apply to both the client (Office applications) and server (SharePoint) product lines, as it should--it wouldn't make much sense to release the two separately. It also means that the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, which I'd hoped would be the "coming out" party for Office 2010, might be a bit early for that to happen. I'm sure Microsoft has plenty of business reasons why it's not releasing Office in 2009, and why it hasn't even laid out a roadmap for a beta release quite yet. But one thing's for sure: With the current economic climate, and 2009 budgets already "set in stone" for most enterprises, it makes sense to release Office in the first part of next year, when (we hope) the economy and therefore IT budgets can start to loosen up. Sounds to me like your 2009 roadmap should include continued movement on Office 2007 and preparations to deploy Windows 7. Office and SharePoint 2010 won't be your priority quite yet. A transcript of the Strategic Update, which is actually an interesting look into the business of Microsoft for those of us who don't spend our days dissecting its numbers, can be found here.

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