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Sample Browser has reached its third milestone with the new Windows Store app since we released the desktop version and the Visual Studio version in 2012. The trilogy and the continued evolvement are putting the world of code samples at developers’ fingertips.

The journey of Sample Browser begins in 2010, with the purpose of making it easier for developers to find the ever-growing sample repository.   Searching, downloading and locally managing code samples WAS a pain for most developers.  It took many manual steps to find, download, unpackage, and open a code sample.  We got the idea of developing a Sample Browser client tool to ease the steps.  The first step that we made was on the Desktop.  We released the Sample Browser desktop version in partnership with MSDN Samples Gallery.   In short few months, its deployment exceeds 50K.   Last year the team started to work with the Visual Studio product team to integrate the Sample Browsing experience into Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010.  We made deep integration with the IDE, including the toolbar, the code editor, the VS2012 quick launch bar, the sample download experience, and the look & feel.  “This is definitely a "must-have" for every developers in Visual Studio!!" – said the Visual Studio community.

With the launch of Windows 8 in October, 2012, a new era of app use experience begins.  The Windows Store app platform and the amazing touch experience on Windows 8 release computer users from the “desktop”.  Developers love code samples, but they have been sitting in front of desktop for too long.  A Sample Browser Windows Store app can give them some time to sit relaxingly in a sofa and continue to learn the beloved code samples.  Mobile agility is another important consideration when we develop the app.  It has to support both online and offline mode.  It has to be easy to find and share code samples.

On Feb 17th, we released the first version of Sample Browser Windows Store app.  The best is yet to come.  The team has a big pipeline of cool features to be added to the app.  We will continue surprising the world of developers as months roll on.
Could a Windows Phone version of Sample Browser be our next milestone in the journey?  We will see.



Sample Browser for Visual Studio 2012 & 2010

In partnership with Visual Studio and MSDN Samples Gallery, we released the Sample Browser for Visual Studio 2012 and 2010 - an effort to integrate the code sample use experience into the Visual Studio environment.  You can search, download and open thousands of code samples from within the IDE.



Sample Browser for Windows 8 and Windows RT

The Sample Browser for Windows 8 and Windows RT gives developers a new experience to search, download, learn, share and request code samples.   Swipe and search and share - It's that easy! The app also supports the offline mode, so you can learn code samples anytime, anywhere.



Sample Browser for traditional desktop

Last but not least, we provide the traditional desktop version of the Sample Browser app. It is useful when you are using Visual Studio Express.

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