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I am still yet to figure out what Access is for in 2010. I’ve been on a project for the last 4 weeks working on modifying an Access database and it has been as painful as a kick to the groin by steel cap boots.

Why is Access even still around?

1)      SQL Server 2008 Express is free

2)      Visual Studio 2008 Express is free

3)      Both tools are better and more powerful than Access

4)      Almost all solutions to Access are completely hacked together. As the data layer, business layer and GUI layer are all in the same spot.

5)      Access still relies on VBA, ODBC and COM objects, why are people still being encouraged to develop in these technologies?

6)      Business users who can develop in the above technologies will find .Net a breeze.

7)      P.S. the most evil words in the programming world are “On Error Resume Next”.


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