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a little about me

I graduated from U of A in 2009 with a BA in Spanish & Portuguese.  Fueled by my LOVE to travel and to experience unknown/different/bizarre things, I spent much of my undergrad abroad (whenever possible mostly) and spent 1 year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a semester in Fortaleza, Brazil.
I love people--I love learning about them and their methods of emotional/mental/physiological survival in the world.
I don't know that I make a conscious effort of this but it seems I like to find myself in situations that I've never been before so that I'm forced to adapt.  It builds character, I guess.

my programming experience
I work as a programmer with a Microsoft collaboration platform called SharePoint.  I mostly build web sites that are used to share information for internal people and customers of the organization.  This generally also involves designing and building methods for business process and information flow automation, which always keeps things interesting.  I've been with my current company for 2 years now and I'm getting ready to start with a new company here in a week or two.

why i'm taking c#
c# is a primary language used in coding web parts and business flow processes for the systems I work with--so its really an effort to expand my existing tool/skill set.

I hope to gain...
a foundation of the C# language; learn best practices; understand definitions and use for functions and implementation of my understanding.

the bucket list...
1.  Finish a masters degree in web-design and then move to Brazil and work as a web-designer for a top-company

2. Be a researcher/consultant for some kind of profound scientific advancement/experiment

3. Spend several months in the Canary Islands researching rare, native succulent species and then write a book

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