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The Adorable HippoEdit

Not so long time ago, just out of my curiosity, I downloaded off Giveaway of the Day an new editor called HippoEdit for me to experiment.

Besides, I am always on the look for new tools and utilities, and it will be needless to say I like all kind of software especially that gives me a fresh, new look at the old things. Some stay with me forever and some I let go sooner or later. But I feel every program or application contributed something, at times it could be good design I may recall about when implementing something for my job.

Frankly, I was mostly driven by desire to replace one or more of my old friends - editors I was not satisfied with any more, and believe me, a have accumulated more than a few. So my criteria were very tough to pass.

To my astonishment HippoEdit was sharp from the day its cute smiley icon appeared on my desktop!

Well, my first and the strongest impression to date - it is the smartest, most extendible and fun to use editor.

Here I will tell you why:

Despite its icon's jolly image and look do not let yourself be fooled - HippoEdit is extremely powerful.

Its main target audience is software developers and database administrators with support to most modern and even rare programming languages, to name a few, and I think I have not seen any editor for MS Windows with support for ABAP, Pascal, Cobol, etc. I am no talking about code folding, project support, a very neat syntax highlighting, custom code templates, colored file tabs, 2 way bookmarking system, RegEx searches, seamless web browsing, external tools support, a powerful search engine, support for various encoding and lots more, all in all, to me, it blows most free and many other commercial editors.

Here is how HippoEdit editing session looks like on my laptop:

I would encourage you to take it for a test drive!

The HippoEdit has an active forum where anyone can contribute to the Editor or ask a question.

The moderators are very knowledgeable, polite and always reply in nearly no time .

I have several suggestions to the creators and strongly believe features as Spell Checker and a Macro Engine are a must for today's Editor and they will appear soon.

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