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I've got the DirectX demo displaying the Dwarf mesh correctly and have all the code segregated into class files.  Next, I want to make a class that easily supports adding and managing models, similar to the GameModel class I've written in my XNA tutorials.  In order to implement this style of management, I need to build a ModelManager and a SceneManager.

Stores the physical model information such as the model's filename, and any other relevant information.

Manages the number of copies of an object (model) shown in that level/scene.  This class is key considering, while pointing to the ModelManager, you don't have 100 items all storing the same model, you have 100 items pointing to a single stored model.

I'm hoping to put this into Visio to better understand it, either that or just begin coding it, which I think I'll do right now... Posted on Thursday, April 10, 2008 1:53 PM | Back to top

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