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I'm currently working on a bunch of projects that I'm hoping to get one or two done in a few months.  They are:
  • F# Multi-File Text Editor
  • Learn DirectX (Write a DirectX 9.0 Demo)
  • Pong XNA Game
All these projects are currently in development with some being further than others.  From my first post I realized posting code on here is ugly so I won't be doing that anymore unless it's only a few short lines.  At this moment I'm working through some DirectX tutorials which is going nicely and I'm actually understanding everything that I'm working with (which is a first for me with DirectX).  The F# text editor is close to done and is due with a paper for a class in about a month so that definitely needs to get done.  All I have left is to fix a save bug and clean up a few things, then write the paper.  Pong has the most work to do but is the furthest along since it already has a built version I've sent to some friends.  Either way, I should probably get working. Posted on Monday, April 7, 2008 2:06 PM | Back to top

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