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Michael Freidgeim,

Some time ago I’ve described the issues that I’ve had since a new version of Read It Later, named Pocket, was introduced.I’ve waited with hope for a new upgrade, but I had a huge disappointment with the ...

Dennis Vroegop,

Ok. I admit. I made a mistake in the last post about our planespotter app. I have dedicated a full part of the hub to Social. I also had a section called Friends but that made sense since I said that “Friends” ...

Alois Kraus,

What is it? WMemoryProfiler is a managed profiling Api to aid integration testing. This free library can get managed heap statistics and memory usage for your own process (remember testing) and other processes ...

Tim Murphy,

As if the Surface announcement on Monday wasn’t exciting enough, today Microsoft announce that Windows Phone 8 will be coming this fall. That itself is great news, but the features coming were like confetti ...


I’ve published a TechNet wiki page here. This identifies links that show BizTalk implementations of the patterns described in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns. I look forward to seeing others’ ...