_FLATRELEASEDIR is an environment variable that defines the folder used to create the OS image. The Platform Builder tools use the environment variable. 
·         Buildrel copies files to the _FLATRELEASEDIR
·         Makeimg creates the OS image in the _FLATRELEASEDIR
·         CEShell mounts the _FLATRELEASEDIR as the \Release folder on the device when connected via KITL
·         If you set WINCEREL=1 the exe and dll files will automatically be copied to the _FLATRELEASEDIR when they are built
·         When you open a build window, it will automatically be opened in the _FLATRELEASEDIR – well, not really but most of the time.   It seems that the directory is determined independent of the variable.
You can determine value of _FLATRELEASEDIR by opening a build window and typing “set _FLATRELEASEDIR”.
For more on the Platform Builder build system take a look at: Summary of Building Windows CE which lists the articles that I have written about building Windows CE using Platform Builder.
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