Spell checker is going to hate this post, because the ‘e’ is missing in the folder name Developr. One of the things that you can do to customize the build environment in Platform Builder is to add a batch file to the Developr folder.
To use the Developr batch file, you must first create a sub folder named with your system username. The fact is that I am thinking about this right now because my username just changed from beitman to bruce.eitman, so my Developr batch file isn’t working anymore. So I changed my %_WINCEROOT%\Developr\beitman folder name to %_WINCEROOT%\Developr\bruce.eitman.
Now that you have a folder, create a new file named setenv.bat. Now you can set environment variables that you want in the setenv.bat. Be careful though, you should not set any variables that will affect the outcome of the build of your OS image. But, you can set variables like WINCECOD. 
Here is my setenv.bat:
set PATH=%PATH%;%_WINCEROOT%\Developr\bruce.eitman\Bin
Note that this even adds a path to the PATH variable that includes some useful batch files that I use during my work to simplify the command line.
The Developr batch file is run by wince.bat when it is setting all the other environment variables. It is called with all of the parameters passed to wince.bat, so you can get more complex and use those variables, but I haven’t found a need to do that.
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