This is a summary of the articles that I have written that discuss the Platform Builder command line build tools.
Using the Command Line
 Build Files
  •               Platform Builder: Sources Files 2
    More information about extending sources files to control the build and display files in Platform Builder.
 Configuration Files
Tips and Tricks
  •               Platform Builder: Creating an nk.nb0
    This discusses way to create an nk.nb0 file.  This includes using config.bib to automate the creation and using cvrtbin.exe to create it manually from an nk.bin.
  •               Platform Builder: When to do a clean build?
    Ever wonder when you need to do a clean build, versus letting the dependency checker make the decisions?  This should point you in the right direction.
  •               Platform Builder: Using Your Developr Batch File
    An informational post about setting environment variables that are specific to you and how you develop using Platform Builder, and have nothing to do with your actual project or BSP.
  •               Platform Builder: Cloning an MDD Lib
    This shows by example how to clone an MDD statically linked library and use it within your platform to link with a PDD.
  •               Platform Builder:Building Multiple Folders
    Information about managing multiple sub-folders during a build.  This includes discussion of what can and cannot be done within the context of Platform Builder's build system.

 Build Errors


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