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One of my current side projects is my wife's archaeology site.  For her forums, we decided to go with a 'tag' system, where each message has multiple tags, and clicking on a tag link finds other messages with that same tag. 

In the sample below, I find all Topics who have at least one Tag in their Tags bag matching the passed TagID.

Since a user could potentially start a search with no selected tag, passing a zero value will bypass the tag search, and just return the most recent posts (as determined by the startindex and pagesize used for pagination).


        public IList<TopicHeader> GetPageByTag(int StartIndex, int PageSize, int TagID)
            List<TopicHeader> topiclist = new List<TopicHeader>();
            using (var session = AFWConfiguration.SessionFactory.OpenSession())
                using (session.BeginTransaction())
                    ICriteria q = session.CreateCriteria(typeof (TopicHeader))

                    if (TagID > 0)
                        q = q.CreateCriteria("Tags")
                             .Add(Expression.Eq("TagID", TagID));
                    q = q.SetFirstResult(StartIndex).SetMaxResults(PageSize);
                    topiclist = q.List<TopicHeader>() as List<TopicHeader>;
            return topiclist;

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