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What is ScreencastADay?

Welcome to, a website committed to educate you everyday. The idea of the website is really simple. We believe that in order to be successful you need to learn something new everyday. ScreencastADay puts this thought into action by providing new screencast every day. This means you will get 7 screencasts a week and 365 screencasts a year unless of course it is a leap year in that case you get one more bonus screencast.

Is this website completely free?

Yes! Currently, there is no registration fee associated with the website.

How can I request a Screencast?

You can request a website using the ScreenCastADay Google Group .

Are there any exceptions?

Although we don’t like to make any exceptions to this rule but life is uncertain and can take unexpected turns. All we can say is that we will try our best to work around your wishes and provide screencast every day. Posted on Thursday, August 7, 2008 3:47 PM | Back to top

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