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DLINQ stands for Data Language Integrated Query allows you to quickly create entity classes and relationships using your database schema. Not only that but DLINQ provides very useful methods when persisting the data into the database. You can create the relationships using the designer. The designer will write all the code for you. Finally, when you need to persist the object into the database you call few methods and DLINQ takes care of the rest. DLINQ is designed with RAD (Rapid Application Development) in mind. This makes it harder to layer the application when using DLINQ.

The DLINQ framework uses dynamic SQL to insert data into the database. This means that the SQL is generated at runtime. Off course you can use your own custom stored procedures but then it really kills the purpose of using the DLINQ framework.

My question is that do you think your DBA will allow you to fire dynamic SQL against the database? Caste your vote using the poll which can be viewed on the GridViewGuy website.

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My understanding is that DLINQ is now called LINQ to Entity Framework.

I don't think it makes it harder to layer your application. Instead, the entity framework is your abstract data access layer (with ORM to boot). With this technology, there is no need to write up repository classes.
Left by Chris Eargle on Feb 11, 2008 3:33 AM

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Hi Chris Eagle,

The layer I am referring is the three layer architecture. When using DLINQ your entity classes share the same layer as your data access layer. This means that your UI layer will have the information about the domain objects and also the data access layer which in my opinion is not a good idea.

Regarding use of Repositories, Services or Managers I must say I like the idea of using Repositories. This is because this way my data access code resides inside a common container instead of wandering around in the UI layer.
Left by Mohammad Azam on Feb 12, 2008 6:49 AM

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