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The Stumblings of an IT Manager ...2 days before we go live and you want WHAT....? February 2010 Entries
Life of a developer
Is it just me, or does being a developer suck at times. That Lumburg-esque speech about having to work a weekend kills me. If it weren't for the fact that so much of what I do coule be outsourced without a second thought, I would say that programmers need to be the next group to unionize. Bad planning and over-promising in our industry need to be cleaned up. Things should be done well enough in advance that meeting promised timelines is never an issue. Finishing things hours before a final release ......

Posted On Friday, February 26, 2010 11:40 AM

Embedded Journalist vs Embedded Contractor
Gotta flame on the contractor species. Embedded journalists (like those you saw during the most recent invasion of Iraq), were there to protect themselves and share the information that they learned with the world. On the other hand, and Embedded Contractor is someone that works a contract for a long time and learns information, but DOES NOT share that information in an effort to protect themselves. Often this person has a reputation as being able to fix the problems that no one else can. They are ......

Posted On Tuesday, February 9, 2010 12:25 PM

Windows 7, command prompt as administrator, feeling really dumb..
Skipped directly from XP to Windows 7, and every once in a while I run across something that makes me feel really juvenile. I was recently trying to pass a directory structure to an offsite developer who was having configuration issues so that they could compare their project structure to what was running on the server. So I requested access to the server, and mapped a drive. I grabbed a path to the directory from an email, and switched to a command prompt that I had been using to run iisreset commands ......

Posted On Tuesday, February 2, 2010 2:28 PM

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