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I was reading this post by Cory Foy:, and it really underscores the polar change in the company that I worked for until about a month ago, and now.  Simply stated, there is a culture of it's cool to say that I put in an 80+ hour week to other developers.  But that really starts to suck when you hang your hat on doing that type of development, use it to sell yourself to employers (and believe me if you offer it, they will ALWAYS take it), then realize that putting in those hours has become ingrained in everything you do. Hope you don't get married / start having kids, and want to start cutting some of those 80 hour weeks down to 50 hour weeks at that point.  Things are so second nature at that point, you try to estimate how long something will take, and without even thinking about it you have promised something in a week that will require much more than "40 hours". So you start to back off your estimates ("padding" anyone?), but by that point, your boss is thinking, "I know that Developer X can produce about this much work in a week, so why are they not meeting deadlines, guess they are just slacking off. I guess that I will just have to lean on them a bit more" 

Long story short, that type of freedom of estimation is usually a place that is trying to do dev "on the cheap", pushing developers long hours, getting cut rate "managers" that really don't know squat about what sucessful development really is; and having code in production that came directly from the developers workstation without ever being reviewed by the end users. I could go on, trust me I have a whole bag full of past experiences.

I am now enjoying a proper development environment where code is staged, requirements are properly documented, and good managers ask good question so that mistakes are avoided and timetables kept. This usually gets me home around suppertime, which is a really nice change.

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Can't get more accurate than that.

P.S. Opportunity in Colorado just opened back up. But I'll get you my resume shortly as well.
Left by Spanky on Jan 04, 2010 1:48 PM

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