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I come across a lot of links through emails, RSS feeds, pocasts, colleagues, etc. I decided to record them for awhile and see how they stacked up. I may have too many interests… This ended up being a large list. I don’t read all of these… mostly I skim some and try to skip as much as I can, but I’ve gained a lot of information in the last month. The challenge now is to apply and remember.


I watched some of on October 21st with some others. We put it up on the TV and worked while we watched.

  • resource groups
  • hardware/software “appliance” for connecting on premise to Azure
  • “G”/Godzilla size with 6.5tb of SSD, 32 cores, 450mb of memory
  • API management
  • Document DB
  • Next Generation Management API for resource groups and the Resource Manager
    • can save and put into Source Control
  • 3.5 million transactions per second
  • “storage on Azure is 4 – 10 times cheaper than storing elsewhere”
  • SQL backup to the cloud 2012R2 and 2014 – has immediate upload to cloud
  • StorSimple – simple and fast on-ramp to Azure for storage, replicated to Azure,
  • System Center Data Protection Manager – backup scheduling
  • missed – could we use this to run VM test agents to run tests?

ScottGu’s Blog -

Azure Status Dashboard

Windows Azure OS Updates Feed (notifications for upcoming changes to your Paas OS)


Asp.Net – Oct 20th Asp.Net Community Standup – Beta 1 and Migrations


JavaScript – at NetFlix


AngularJs has had a few Angular JS templates for sale.  This one is an entire admin template written in Angular looks pretty good.

- AngularJs 1.3 released –> – Twitter chat with John Papa – I don’t agree that they ruined it, but that’s his opinion and he makes some good points. Use the right tool for the job





Spotify’s organization

Part 1

Part 2



- HTML5 is feature complete! October 28, 2014





  - – not JavaScript as I expected, focuses on PHP, Ruby and Python

something else I've been watching that might be very helpful for components in the future: some powerful in browser 60fps examples

here's a demo project: – Nov 12 and 13 – Mark Down cheat sheet and online editor/viewer/creator

- – should you use SVG instead of font-icons – Episode #3 – Making Agile Work – inflation measuring from MIT – great leaf raking idea from Handyman

I use to listen to some articles instead of reading, so I can listen and work – hoverboard!

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