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While attending a Microsoft Developer Event today (the VSTS Fire Starter in Tampa), I was reminded by Joe Healey that it is my civic duty to write a blog entry at least once a year. That being said, I find that next week would be the 1st anniversary of my last Blog post. To those who actually read my blog, I apologize and to those who didn’t I apologize for making you read this one 

First, thanks to all who presented at the event, it was enjoyable and informative. To anyone who missed, I would recommend that you consider going to the Orlando .NET Code Camp ( and check out the VSTS sessions presented by Catapult Systems. Last but not least, if you are not aware of the Microsoft DevLabs site I would like to introduce you to it I, recently, stumbled across it due to one of the recent additions from last December…

Let me introduce you to PEX if you have not seen the project, it is an interesting project to implement “White Box Testing for .NET”. The name PEX is derived from Program Exploration and the tool produces a traditional unit test with high code coverage. Although, it is in its early stages of development, I must admit the concept of using automated code exploration and execution analysis to automatically generate a systematic and somewhat intuitive white box test is definitely a good thing. Yes, I know that using code coverage as a measure of testing and software quality is relative and not a true accurate measure of how well we test. However, when used in conjunction with other test quality metrics it does give a more complete picture of the quality of the code. So, I would check this one out The PEX Site.

And, by the way; while you are at DevLabs site, I would also recommend you check out the Code Contracts and Small Basic projects too. I, am looking forward to playing with all of these tools.


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